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School Council 2021/22

Welcome to our School Council!


Our council is made up of 2 children from each class in our school. To be on the School Council, we have to fill in an application form and then give a speech to our class. We are voted for by our peers; we represent them and share their views at meetings. We meet 6 times a year, once every term. 


Miss Dicks puts the date and time of the next meeting on our School Council display board in the corridor. 

Before the meeting, we ask our friends and classmates if they have anything they want us to raise. 


During the meeting Miss Dicks, our Deputy Headteacher as us some questions. She always asks us: 

- If we have spotted any problems with Health and Safety around the school. 

- What this Term's value is and if we have spotted anyone showing it. 

- If there is anything that we would like to improve or change around the school. 


We also talk about current issues and other topics or events that are coming up. 


After the meeting, Miss Dicks gets to work trying to act upon our suggestions! She also types up the minutes and displays them on our notice board.