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We wholeheartedly understand the importance of learning to read and the doors that are opened by nurturing a love of books. There are many research papers that support the idea that confident readers have a head start in life and that is what we wish to instill in all Northleaze pupils now, and into their future. 


“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is

a spark.” Victor Hugo 


"So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well: they begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky."  William James 


Our aim is to build a community of readers who enjoy books for pleasure. Whether that is through teacher enthusiasm, the use of quality texts in lessons, the enjoyment of a good class story at the end of the day or teacher/peer book recommendations.


At Northeaze, we:

  • recognise that reading is a key skill and a vital key to future success.
  • ensure that reading and books underpin our entire curriculum.
  • invest in staff support and training to engage not only children but staff too.
  • make space in the day for reading independently, in a group or enjoying a class story.
  • use quality resources and quality texts to inspire and engage.
  • have developed a clear progression for teaching reading.


At Northleaze, a child will start their reading journey in Reception where we follow a clear and rigorous phonics based scheme of decoding and word recognition called 'Bug Club', based on the DfE's 'Letters and Sounds' programme.  Teachers support pupils to read Bug Club phonetically decodable books, selecting only those with the sounds children have been taught.  Pupils are also able to choose from an additional range of levelled books for pleasure.  This initial decoding progresses to fluency which is supported through our regular whole class Guided Reading sessions. These sessions also teach the skills of comprehension to enable the children to enjoy books for information as well as pleasure.


"Reading for pleasure has social benefits as well and can make people feel more connected to the wider community.  Reading increases a person's understanding of their own identity, improves empathy and gives them an insight into the world view of others."  The Reading Agency 


We know how important the home-school partnership is and we aim to engage our parent community in our vision for creating a love of reading. We encourage parents to listen to their child read and share a book with them at least 4 times a week. Parent workshops are held regularly to support parents when hearing their child read. We provide bookmark prompts to encourage curious comprehension questioning during this activity.


We are always learners and readers at Northeaze and whether it is through our staff book club or our wonderfully supportive PSA funding new and exciting texts, we strive to be the best we can be!