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Recycling Collection - Textile, Ink/toner Cartridge and Foreign Coins

Friday 15th October 2021

We're holding another Covid-safe drop off morning on Friday 15th October to help you responsibly get rid of the following items whilst raising money for our school:

  • unwanted textile items (clothes, shoes, bags, curtains, towels etc.),
  • printer / toner cartridges and now,
  • unwanted foreign coins / notes whilst raising money for our school.

A few reminders:

  • Please only bring items on this day as we're unable to store anything on the school site before then.
  • Please make sure you are observing social distancing, wear a face covering if you wish and be mindful the children will still be lining up in the school car park.


1) Quality unwanted clothing / textiles collection

The PSA continues to work with C&G Collections to raise money through gathering of 'unwanted' but still, 'good quality' clothing, including all kids and adults clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, towels and curtains.

C&G Collections is a re-use company who work in partnership with other organisations to grade and supply good quality clothing to places like Africa and Pakistan. To facilitate re-use and return funds in exchange for your donation, items must not be damaged, stained, or washed out.

How and where to donate:

  • If you're having a clear out, please bring along your donations, bagged and tied ready for placement straight into our own PSA volunteer vehicles which will be waiting within the school car park, and on the routes into school (Glebe Road and Brook Close) on the morning of Friday 15th October only. They will then be driven straight to the C&G Collections depot in Bristol.
  • We cannot accept bulky items such as pillows, duvets, cushions and sleeping bags but they do accept good quality curtains and towels.
  • Please be mindful the children will still be gathering in the car park, ready to enter school.


2) Used Ink and Laser Toner Cartridge Collection 

The PSA also continues to work with 'Empties Please', a specialist team focused on collecting and recycling ink and toner cartridges in exchange for funds and 'Green Points' which can be allocated to School funds.  

Cartridges thrown away take 1000 years to decompose. More than 40 million cartridges are dumped every year in the UK. 'Empties Please' buy used cartridges to recycle them and donate the money to a chosen cause, in our case Northleaze PSA.

How and where to donate:

Have you got used, branded ink/toner cartridges form all that working from home? If so, please save them up for this good cause. The more we collect, the more we can raise. 

  • The following brands of ink and toner cartridges can be accepted:
    • Ink Cartridges: CANON, HP, LEXMARK, SAMSUNG 
  • A full list of acceptable cartridge makes and models is available on the PSA section of the school website. 
  • Please put them in the dedicated Empties Please collection box located within the foyer by reception. Please do not put them inside any textile donation bags.

You can also see details of the Green Points scheme aligned with the funds raised on the PSA pages.


3) Foreign Coins 

The PSA is hoping to raise even more cash from foreign coins, via a new relationship with Cash4Coins, a national organisation dedicated to recycling unwanted foreign coins and notes of all origins into fundraising cash. Adding to the donations made in March, the PSA is seeking welcome additions to make the fundraising transaction worthwhile. 

Literally anything that is or was once money should be collected. Any old British or Irish coins and notes can also help. Even old decimal coins or farthings, 1d pennies, three pence, six pence, shillings and crowns are welcome.

So, please seek out those old Spanish Pesetas, American Dollars, German Marks etc, literally anything, even obsolete currency can help. (Foreign coins and small banknotes cannot be exchanged at any British bank or Bureau de Change.)

How & where to donate:

  • You can help without really having to put your hand in your pocket by simply sorting out any old foreign notes and coins left over from holidays and business trips.
  • If you're having a clear out, please bring along your donations, bagged and tied ready for placement straight into our dedicated Cash4coins bucket, located within the foyer by the school office.
  • Please do not put them inside any textile or ink / toner donation bags.

 Many thanks for your support. Happy collecting!

The PSA.


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