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Northleaze Parent Staff Association (PSA) is a registered charity which aims to support the school by organising activities to generate funds that will enhance the school learning experience of our children.  Parents, carers and guardians of pupils at the school, plus the teaching and non-teaching staff employed by the school are all members of Northleaze PSA when they join the school.  We welcome volunteers who'd like to help - all support really makes a difference to Northleaze.

Northfest 2020

Thank you for all your fantastic entries for the summer fair competitions!  The winners are shown below:

Best Decorated Cupcakes

KS1 - Olive, Reception
KS2 - Freya & Issy, Y3 & Y5

Best Window Display

KS1 - Senara, Reception
KS2 - Boo & Dylan, Y3 & Y4

Best Dressed Teddy Bear

KS1 - Eliza, Y1
KS2 - Mabel, Y3

Colouring In Contest

KS1 - Ayda, Reception
KS1 - Darcey, Reception
KS2 - Effie, Y5

Best Artwork

KS1 - Uma, Y2
KS2 - James, Y6

Best Miniature Garden

Olivia, Westleaze
KS2 - Ben, Y4

The Big Build Lego Contest

Issy, Y5

Cutest Pet Photo

KS1 - Chloe, Y2
KS2 - Olive, Y6

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