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Parent Questionnaire Results and Comments

The NAP Club Committee are very grateful to the parents who took the time to complete the NAP Club Parent Survey in June 2022. The results are presented below:

We discussed the results in our July 2022 AGM and have actioned the following points:

  • We are making a provision for Nursery aged children from September 2022.
  • Crumpets will be available at breakfast club, as well as toast and cereals.
  • There is a choice of seasonal fruit and vegetables everyday.
  • Unfortunately, we no longer have the facilities to provide hot food.
  • We replenishing craft stocks, colouring pens and pencils and some of the toys as an ongoing process.
  • We would like to reassure parents and carers that the staff at NAP Club care about the happiness of your children and if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to approach us. We will always be happy to listen, we want your children to be happy and content at NAP.