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Offers of Early Help

At Northleaze School, we understand that family life can, at times, be difficult and complicated and we recognise that there may be situations where you need extra help and support.

If you are concerned about life at home and feel you need some extra support, please come and talk to us.  We have an offer of Early Help and there may be many ways in which we can provide support or direct you to access the help and support you may need.

'Early Help' means providing support to uor children and families as soon as a problme emerges, at any point during their time in our family of schools.  Our offer of Early Help is an approach to supporting our families.  It respects every family's right to access information to help manage their own lives successfully, whilst guiding them to seek support from appropriate sources.  Help can then be offered as soon as concerns start to emerge.  Our offer of Early Help is for all children, as issues may arise at any point in a child or young person's life.  The forms of support could include both informal and targeted specialist services, to reduce or prevent concerns from growing or staying unresolved.

At Northleaze, our offer of Early Help aims to:

  • Ensure that help is there when parents, children and young people need it.
  • Find a way forward together, that is right for everyone.
  • Support families and understand how hard asking for help can be - families will only have to tell us their story once.
  • Operate an open-door policy where staff are always willing to listen to concerns that affect any aspect of family life.
  • Be pro-active with families who may not want support buy may need it - and we will continue to support families until they no longer need our help.

If you feel worries about making contact with the school but still want support or help, the following information may help.  We would however like to reassure you that you will be listened to and supported by the staff at school and we will do our very best to help you and your family.

The link below contains a very useful leaflet from the Local Authority with detail of their Early Help offer:

North Somerset Early Help Guide