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At Northleaze, we firmly believe that maths is for everyone and that no child should be allowed to think that they 'can't do maths'.  All pupils are entitled to access the essential set of rich mathematical concepts and big ideas that will allow them to flourish and become successful and numerate adults.  We understand that learning maths is like building a tower; children must have firm foundations and acquire specific building blocks in a certain order.  If any of these blocks of understanding are missing (due to too-rapid acceleration or insufficient depth), then the tower is shaky and can be toppled at any time.

This approach to the teaching of Maths at Northleaze is now embedded and we continue to refine and adapt our approach so that all our pupils know that they ‘can do’ maths!

Please see below for the intention behind our curriculum:

Please click below for the whole school overview and progression in our maths curriculum: