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Term 6 Week 7 w/c le 13 juillet

Some Geography for you this week:

Find a map of France - in an atlas, on line or Google Earth.

Find Paris and Bordeaux (Bristol is twinned with Bordeaux)?

Can you find the mountain ranges - the Alps and the Pyrenees?

Can you find the rivers Seine, Rhone and Loire?

Can you find the names of 3 countries which have a border with France?

Can you name 2 seas which are on France's coast?


Summer challenge: You could make a list of all the countries in the world where French is spoken and maybe draw the flags for each one? You could challenge yourself further by finding some facts out about one, several, all of the countries? Bring your work to Mrs H. in Sept.


Year 6 - if you are reading this - you could work on Duolingo - whichever language you are gong to be learning next year.      Bonnes vacances.

Term 6 Week 6 w/c le 6 juillet

This Friday would have been French Day in school.

I always choose the nearest Friday to le 14 juillet to celebrate our French learning.

This week's task is to find out why?

What other names do the French have for this day?

Why do they celebrate it?

How do they celebrate usually and in 2020?

To help with your research there is a bilingual clip on You Tube: Happy French National Day 2019.

You could draw a French flag or make a poster with the caption: Vive la France.

Or you could draw the Eiffel tower or the Arc de Triomphe with fireworks going off all around them.

I would love to see your work.

Bonne journee

Mrs H 


Term 6 Week 5 w/c le 29 juin

This week the alphabet in French.

There is a You Tube clip - French Alphabet Pronunciation/French ABC

and a song - L'alphabet en Francais by Alain le Lait

You could practise spelling your name (first and last) using the French alphabet and maybe Bristol and Northleaze.

As always - have fun

Mrs H

Term 6 Week 4 w/c le 22 juin

Le temps - the weather this week.

The different kinds of weather are introduced in a You Tube clip - French weather phrases (MFL department - Alder Grange).

Then there is a song - Quel temps fait - il? Alain le Lait

and a story - le vent et le soleil.

You could keep a diary of this week's weather in French. We covered the days of the week last term

eg lundi - il fait du soleil - you could draw a picture of the sun too.

Maybe email your work to me and I could ask Mrs Reyes to celebrate it in Celebration Assembly.

Have fun with your French learning.

Term 6 Week 3 le 15 juin

This week some greetings for you:

Again on You Tube there are lots of songs but I liked: French Greetings Song for Children

I also found: Primary French Greeting song for World Hello Day - Tout le Monde (some of you in KS2 may remember this or may be before your time - it's from the course we used before Salut)..

You could practise greeting the people you see today in French and teach them how to introduce themselves to you.

You could draw a picture of yourself 

and complete these sentences: Je m'appelle..........

                                                   J'ai ...... ans

                                                   J'habite .........





Term 6 Week 2 w/c le 8 juin

Following on from last week - Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

This is a favourite of mine in school so most will remember some of the words

There are lots of versions on You Tube - I checked out: Tete Epaules Genoux Pieds - Kids Super Songs Francais and Head Shoulders Knees and Feet in French - fun French rhymes for kids

When you have the words we sing a version in school where each time we gradually miss out one of the body parts until just left with le nez

Or you could draw and label a picture of yourself

Here are the labels: la tete les epaules les genoux les pieds les yeux les oreilles la bouche le nez

Hope you enjoy this week's French 

Term 6 Week 1 w/c le 1 juin

This week a traditional French song for you - Alouette

Listen to the song on You Tube - Alouette, Gentille Alouette by Alain Le Lait

The words also come up in both French and English

You may like to talk about the origins of the song - along the lines of our nursery rhyme - Sing a Song of Sixpence .......

You could draw and label a bird in French - la tete, le bec, le cou, les ailes, le dos, les pattes, la queue

You could make up some actions to go with the song to help you remember it

Amusez vous bien! 

Week 5 w/c le 18 mai

(Year 6 - please remember to look at Week 3 below)

This week months of the year  - les mois de l'annee:

janvier, fevrier, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, aout, septembre, octobre, novembre, decembre

There is a song on You Tube - Les mois de l'annee - alain le lait (French months of the year) with unfortunately one obvious mistake which Year 6 should definitely spot?! The French don't use capital letters for the months of the year.

There is a clip about birthdays - l'anniversaire on It is about a puppy (Billy) celebrating his first birthday.

You could challenge yourself to make a simple calandar (un calendrier) in French, work out how to say when your birthday is in French, teach members of your family to say when their birthday is or find out the words for the seasons in French.

Have fun.

Week 4

Les jours de la semaine (days of the week) this week:

lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche 

On You Tube there is a nice song: Les jours de la semaine - alain le lait (French days of the week) and the story La chenille qui fait des trous (de Eric Carle) (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) which is told beautifully be French children.

You could challenge yourself to learn the days of the week and teach someone else in your family. You could even write the word in French on your home learning for each day.

Have fun.

Week 3 - Year 6

Hi Year 6 - if you would like to practise your French during lockdown I have had some tips from Olive and Lowena (merci).

There is a free app - Duolingo - you can learn more than 30 languages but maybe start with French! I've just spent some time having a look and it looks fun. You can do 5 minutes a day or more.

Also Bitesize has improved greatly over the past few weeks. Take a look at KS3 French (the KS2 I don't like and you are almost there). It has sections on Phonics, Topics (starting with introductions and pets - topics you have covered) and Grammar.

Hope you have fun. Lily - maybe you could challenge yourself to learn a new language - if you know which one you will be starting next year.

Week 3 - le 8 mai

This week some French history for you and your family.

This Friday is 75 years since VE day. 

VE day stands for Victory in Europe so France will be celebrating too (under lockdown of course).

There is a short clip on You Tube: Learn French Holidays - Victory Day - La Fete de la Victoire.

It is quite fast but there are sub titles and you can pause it and watch several times to tune in.


When you make your bunting - you could maybe make some French ones too with the French flag - same colours as Union Jack - bleu, blanc, rouge - le Tricolore. 

You could challenge yourself to find out why it is these 3 colours? 


You could also challenge yourself if you don't already know to find out why Peel Park in the village is called Peel Park?


Hope you are all OK and manage to celebrate Friday in some way. 



Week 2

This week - Les numeros.

On You Tube there is a song - Une Chanson des Chiffres (a song about numbers) which is great for the numbers 1 to 10.

Also on You Tube a story - French  learning stories for kids - French number storybook by Dino Lingo (a dinosaur at a zoo). Again the numbers 1 to 10.

If you are in EYFS maybe try to learn 1 to 5, KS1 1 to 15, KS 2 1 to 20 and Year 6 challenge yourself to 100 and beyond. After 60 it gets tricky.

If you need help Twinkl has various free number mats.


Term 5 Week 1

Salut tout le monde!

While school is closed I thought it would be good to have some French fun.

I will put a suggested song and story each week around a theme.

This week's theme is Les couleurs:

rouge, jaune, bleu, vert, orange, violet, rose

(the colours of the rainbow - l' arc en ciel)

If you are in KS2 and want to add blanc, noir, gris, marron to your learning then fab.


If you look on You Tube there is a song - l'arc en ciel by Catherine Puyravaud (there are others but I like this one) and a story Petit Poisson Blanc.


I suggest you listen to each several times maybe on different days to tune your ears in. 

Most children will have sung the song in class with me at some stage.

If you have younger siblings you could try teaching them the song too or teach your family.


Most importantly have some fun.

You could draw and label a rainbow in French and put it up in your window.



Madame Harper 



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