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Year 5

Terrific Tudors

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Our brilliant Summer topic is The Terrific Tudors.  We will be learning about the tudor kings, queens and adventurers and learning all about how tudor people lived. Our topic launches with a trip to sail on The Matthew and we will be presenting our learning at the end of term 5 with a musical play.  In term 6 we will be launching the lifestyle section of our topic with a tudor day.  Towards the end of term, we will invite parents to come in to view our project work at our 'class museum', during which we will present our Tudor ebooks and wear our Tudor waistcoats!

Our Tudor Assembly - Henry's life and loves and the fate of The Mary Rose. Songs, action, jokes; it had it all!

The Explorer Dome take year 5 on a journey throught the human body!

African Drumming Workshop January 2016

Angle harp DT project

Talk for writing drama - Pirates!