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'We're going on a bear hunt'

Picture 1 Oh no, a tree branch...stumble, trip.
Picture 2 Oh no, a puddle...splish, splosh
Picture 3
Picture 4 A bear print. We must be on track.
Picture 5 Another paw print. We are good at finding clues.
Picture 6
Picture 7 Oh no, a swamp...squelch, squerch
Picture 8 A clue!
Picture 9 Thick oozy mud
Picture 10 Oh, no...Rotten, moldy leaves
Picture 11
Picture 12 It's a bear! A very friendly one.
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17 Reading in the cave
Picture 18 Using bee bots to go around the 'Bear hunt' map
Picture 19
Picture 20 Innovating the original 'Bear hunt' story
Picture 21 Making our own 'Bear hunt' obstacle courses
Picture 22 Making our own 'Bear hunt' obstacle courses
Picture 23 Marking making while sequencing the story