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TERM 4 - Oh no! It's a Gruffalo!

TERM 4 - Oh no! It's a Gruffalo!

For our next topic Reception Class have decided to focus on 'The Gruffalo' and other Julia Donaldson books. We will also be looking at how books are structured, looking at both fiction and non-fiction texts. Let the fun begin!

Focus for the Term:

Each week we will be looking at a different Julia Donaldson book. We have a curriculum area focus for each week but please keep checking the weekly communication for more details on what we have learnt.

WEEK 1 - The Gruffalo (Understanding the World - outdoor environment)
WEEK 2 - Stick Man (Literacy - letter formation)
WEEK 3 - A Squash and a Squeeze (Maths focus - halving and doubling)
WEEK 4 - The Smartest Giant in Town (Expressive Arts and Design - different materials)
WEEK 5 - Room on the Broom (Mathematics - measurement)

Optional Home Learning:

WEEK 1/2 - Writing a sentence. You can download the file below,  "If i saw a Gruffalo I would...". Please sound out rather than telling your child the letter names. All children have been taught to put a finger space in their writing.

WEEK 3/4 - You will need a glass jar for this one (I have lots if you need one)! See how many objects you can fit in a jam jar! No rules.

WEEK 5 - An Easter bonnet! Be creative... but please let your child do the making! These need to be in school for Thursday morning. We are going to make some in school, so don't worry if you dont have time to make one.

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 21st February (5.00 - 6.00) - FS/KS1 PSA disco. You can get a ticket from your class reps.
Thursday 28th February  - Bring a scooter to school - Road safety training for Reception Class.
Wednesday 6th March (9.00 - 9.45) - Open doors morning. Join us for some maths fun!
Friday 15th March - Red Nose Day (Non- school uniform). Try and wear something red if you can!
Thursday 21st March (9.10) - FS Easter Bonnet Parade! Please come and join us if you can. This will be followed by the EYFS meeting on Literacy, Maths and Assessment. A second identical session will be held at 2.50 (sorry for the change in date).

Picture 1 Mark making outdoors.
Picture 2 Home Learning
Picture 3 Red Nose Day
Picture 4 Egg marbling!
Picture 5 Just having a sit down!
Picture 6 Squash and a squeeze
Picture 7 Easter bonnet parade
Picture 8 Doubling in Maths
Picture 9 Mother's Day presents
Picture 10 Mother's Day presents
Picture 11 Music time!
Picture 12 Partner time!
Picture 13 Relaxing in the sun
Picture 14 Presents for Mummy's
Picture 15 Chilling in the dark
Picture 16 Squash and sqeeze
Picture 17 Stick Men!
Picture 18 Making Stick Men
Picture 19 Road safety with the Police.
Picture 20 Bring your scooter to school day
Picture 21 Will it float or sink?
Picture 22 Float or sink?
Picture 23 Counting.
Picture 24 Dancing in Maths!
Picture 25 Reception recorder group.
Picture 26 Reading in the deep dark forest!
Picture 27 Our lovely Gruffalo's.
Picture 28 Phonics with Banana!
Picture 29 It's a Gruffalo!
Picture 30 Having fun at the PSA disco!
Picture 31 Marvellous paint!
Picture 32 What a mess!
Picture 33 More paint!
Picture 34 Painting with feet!
Picture 35 Decorating!
Picture 36 Being creative in the playground!
Picture 37 It's a Gruffalo!
Picture 38 An elephant tiera!
Picture 39 Painting patterns
Picture 40 Oh help! Oh no!
Picture 41 The deep dark forest...