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TERM 2 - Special Super Heroes!


In Reception we like the children to take responsibility of their own learning. As Christmas approaches quickly in Term 2, we let the children decide what the focus of their topic will be for the first few weeks. They decided on Super Heroes, so we will be looking at people who help us.


Optional Home Learning for Term 2

w/c - 19.11.12 Chldren to make an Autumn Collage. 
w/c - 26.11.12 Children to make a number line from 0 – 10. This could be writing on a piece of paper, separate numbers on cards, numbers on objects etc.
Picture 1 Super hero clothes
Picture 2 Super hero!
Picture 3 Super hero city
Picture 4 Tent!
Picture 5 Help!
Picture 6 Super heroes...
Picture 7 Warm up!
Picture 8 Super heroes!
Picture 9 Clean up!
Picture 10 Gardening time!
Picture 11 Block creations!
Picture 12 Speed guns!
Picture 13 Super heroes
Picture 14 Interviewing super heroes!
Picture 15 Save Banana!
Picture 16 Save Me!
Picture 17 Saving Banana
Picture 18 Super hero Ann
Picture 19 Interviewing Ann!
Picture 20 Invisible ink!
Picture 21 Magnets!
Picture 22 It's that time of year again!
Picture 23 Golden Time
Picture 24 A fairy cake!
Picture 25 Game time!
Picture 26 Gardening
Picture 27 Having a good sweep!
Picture 28 Playdough time!
Picture 29 Colouring time!
Picture 30 Yum yum in my tum
Picture 31 Hooray!
Picture 32 Flour!
Picture 33 Being a farmer
Picture 34 Farmer Nick
Picture 35 Children in Need
Picture 36 Off to space!
Picture 37 Working in the Police Station!
Picture 38 Partner Time
Picture 39 Thank you pots
Picture 40 Matching game
Picture 41 Waiting after popping our bubbles!
Picture 42 Bubble fun!
Picture 43 Bible ceremony
Picture 44 Interviewing Mary!
Picture 45 Fancy dress
Picture 46 Glorious Mud!
Picture 47 Colouring
Picture 48 Interviewing Mr Davis!