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TERM 1 - Art Week

For the last week of term Reception will be joining the rest of the school with their curriculum focus week. We will be looking at the work of Piet Mondrian and have the chance to make some pictures just like his.

Picture 1 Catwalk show
Picture 2 Main hall exhibition
Picture 3 Hall exhibition
Picture 4 Biscuits!
Picture 5 Decorating biscuits
Picture 6 Getting ready to decorate
Picture 7 Mondrian biscuits!
Picture 8 Pictionary!
Picture 9 Piet Mondrian...Looking good!
Picture 10 Fun with paints.
Picture 11 Piet Mondrian
Picture 12 Mondrian hand!
Picture 13 More Mondrian art!
Picture 14 Team work!
Picture 15 Mondrian Masterpiece
Picture 16 Piet Mondrian
Picture 17 Creating Mondrian prints
Picture 18 Rollo's Mondrian construction.
Picture 19 Piet's face
Picture 20 Our final piece.
Picture 21 Close up!
Picture 22 Final piece
Picture 23 Art Attack!
Picture 24 Art Attack!