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Our learning during Term 5

Picture 1 Tractor/ trailer ride
Picture 2 Tractor/ trailer ride
Picture 3 Bottle feeding the lambs
Picture 4 Milking the cow
Picture 5 Getting acquainted with a goat
Picture 6 Tractor/ trailer ride
Picture 7 Meeting the animals
Picture 8 Bottle feeding the lambs
Picture 9 Bottle feeding the lambs
Picture 10 Learning about how wool is spun
Picture 11 Listening to a lady talk about her spinning wheel
Picture 12 Our good listening faces
Picture 13 Watching the cow drinking the milk
Picture 14 Watching a cow being milked
Picture 15
Picture 16 Looking at the calves
Picture 17 Looking at the donkeys
Picture 18 Watching the deer
Picture 19 Spotting the big sights of Long Ashton!
Picture 20 Selling icecreams
Picture 21 Exciting writing!
Picture 22 Exciting writing!
Picture 23 ICT time
Picture 24 Maths choosing creativity
Picture 25 May Day dancing
Picture 26 May Day dancing
Picture 27 Bird watching one rainy lunch time
Picture 28 Sorting animals in different ways