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3rd July 2015

We hope you enjoyed the first edition of Northleaze Fun Times - we had a lot of fun putting it together.  Have a great Summer!

25th June

Sorry that we have not posted for a while; we have been very busy doing all the stories for the Northleaze Fun times. We will be publishing the magazine on the 3rd of July. From the magazine, you can expect

  • puzzles
  • year 6 play: behind the scenes
  • comics
  • stories
  • quizes

The price of the magizins are under discusin. It propably be free for children and about 20p for adults.

Remember to watch this space for more content next week! :-)

By Annabel

7th May 2015

We are called Northleaze Fun Times.  Today we started writing articles including TV reviews, interviews with staff and journalism on the year 6 play.  Posters for advertising Northleaze Fun Times are also in production!  We had a mini school election today, the year 6s represented the parties and all the school community will vote.  The result will be announced in assembly tomorrow.

30th April

We have a new magazine team and already we have identified top topics for our magazine!

Our team is Emma, Annabel, Harrison, Astrid, Jacob, Ilona, Amy, Kesi, Dylan, George, Gabriel, Erica, Scout and Susie. 

No name yet!  If you have any suggestions we would welcome them!


Magazine team

Magazine team 1

Watch this space...

Magazine club will be blogging soon - bringing you the kid's views of what Northleaze school is all about!